Bria cloud solutions in Freepbx14?

I don’t see Bria cloud solutions in Freepbx 14 in “Module Admin” page? I tried to download it from the CLI,but i get the following error:

fwconsole ma download bria
No repos specified, using: [standard] from last GUI settings

Downloading module 'bria’
The following error(s) occured:

  • Retrieved Module XML Was Empty

That’s because it’s Commercial and you only have Standard repos enabled. Enable the Commercial repo and it will show up.

We no longer have a module as Bria changed everything which completely broke the module.

Thanks for your quick response.

Tony, When is the Zulu mobile client being released?

Seems like competition is heating up in the Canadian VoIP landscape.

In regards to?

Bria seems to be stepping up their efforts with their own cloud pbx-like products. Desktop sharing and working video conferencing.

More and more ISPs are also offering their own business solutions directly.