Bria 5 in the Eastern Bloc...unusual connection

We have a client from Hawaii who is vacationing in the Ukraine. His Bria on an Android device will connect/disconnect repeatedly. We shut off the FreePBX firewall momentarily and he connected immediately. He had not been able to connect previously even though his IP was placed in the whitelist.

The result below shows extension 1005 is connected, but look at the character string next to the extension number. Looks eerily like a FreePBX “secret”, but it wasn’t his. It’s not an IP V6 address. Don’t know what it is.

1005/sip:1005-5fd9f68245e16f725c9f4f4c6afc 722e57f47b Avail 136.180

Several of the other attempts at getting him connected resulted in the following result in the Asterisk PEER report.

1005/sip:[email protected]:41513;rinstance 32d8ef9af2 Unavail 0.000

Not sure what rinstance is…

Can’t get him connected…SIP ALG was on initially and turned it off…no change.

Could be government interference, but his internet seems to be working without intervention.

Appreciate any thoughts.

His Bria is behind a docsis modem which can mean that the Cable company is messing with Sip especially if there is phone connection on the back of the box also.

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Any change in behavior with transports ?

I’d be interested to know if tcp faired better than udp

And as dicko eluded to , you could look at the port and try something non standard

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