BRI - Vega 50 and FreePBX - A long journey with many problems

A short Overview of the setup:
It is also connected in this order

ISDN Point to Point
Sangoma vega 50 4 BRI gateway
Freepbx with asterisk 13
Gigaset N510 IP PRO

Okay, i can make calls to outside. But it takes a long time to establish a call. But it works…

Incoming calls are not working. Incoming Route in FreePBX with target is set. But the Output from the vega is:

Normaly the status page should show, that 1 SIP Registration is active to the PBX, but it doesn’t.

Unfortunately, the instructions in the Freepbx wiki are no longer up to date or missing.

Does anyone here have a similar constellation and can show me their configuration anonymously?

I’ve found a lot of manuals, but they’re all different. Sometimes SIP, sometimes PJSIP. Sometimes with registration and sometimes without. But no one explains things better.
Each one works a little bit, but thanks to a lack of explanation I can only guess why and I’m getting so desperate.

I had managed to do it for a short time the other day and then suddenly it didn’t work anymore.

If you need more details about the configuration, please tell me which ones, I’ll put them in here.

Thanks a lot in advance


Oh, calls from VOIP Client on Smartphone to a internal number works half. On my Smartphone i can’t hear anything but on the other phone i can hear the voice from smartphone.

And Outgoing calls go out with the right extension number…

I could solve most of all errors…

When you set username and password on the vega, the trunk name in freepbx for outgoing must be also the username!

Only one way Audio Problem
The problem was CJSimple… Now i use Mezudroid and it works good.

The only problem i have. Establishing calls take a long time.

Slow responses are often DNS failures. Have you reviewed the DNS settings in your softphone and PBX?

Yes. I had a DNS problem on the freepbx, but this is solved.

Internal calls a very fast.

I looked at the logs, when establishing a connection to outside over BRI, and i found this on the Vega 50 logging.
It goes further and my mobile phone rings, but after 15-20seconds:

    _ISDN     :RawTx : 1789199: 01840:TN      :DSL Port:1	:(vspli.c;1022)
_ISDN     :RawTx : 00 01 01 01                                       |................|

_ISDN     :RawRx : 1789219: 00020:TN      :DSL Port:1	:(vspli.c;1241)
_ISDN     :RawRx : 02 01 01 01                                       |................|

_ISDN     :RawTx : 1789219: 00000:TN      :DSL Port:1	:(vspli.c;1022)
_ISDN     :RawTx : 02 01 01 01                                       |................|

_ISDN     :RawRx : 1789279: 00060:TN      :DSL Port:1	:(vspli.c;1241)
_ISDN     :RawRx : 00 01 01 01                                       |................|

_LOGGER   :Info  : 1789579: 00300:ISDN    :ISDN     (I)R04C08 disconnect 41	:(logger.c;1519)
_LOGGER   :Info  : 1789579: 00000:ISDN    :ISDN     (I)R04C08 send release complete 41	:(logger.c;1519)
MsgRx : 1789582: 00003:ROUTER  : to:   ROUTER   from: ISDN     msg: CALL_CONTROL - CC_DISCONNECT_IND (F10623B5) 
 ctxt=[f10100de] key=d4000070 cause=41
_LOGGER   :Info  : 1789587: 00005:ROUTER  :ROUTER   (I)R0bC00 FINDROUTE profile:22(To_BRI) plan:3
  <-- SIP     [2,1] dest=NAME:01763426XXXX,TEL:01763426XXXX 
  --> ISDN    [3,1] dest=TEL:01763426XXXX	:(logger.c;1519)
MsgTx : 1789587: 00000:ROUTER  : from: ROUTER   to:   ISDN     msg: CALL_CONTROL - CC_SETUP_RQ (F10623B6) 
 ctxt=[f10100de] key=d4000071 port:grp:bc=2:0:255, BC cs:cap:rate:mode=00:00:10:00, Enbloc
 calling_pn=TEL:XXXX52900,TA:,IF:9901 (0,0,0,0) 
 called_pn=TEL:01763426XXXX (0,0)
_LOGGER   :Info  : 1789597: 00010:ISDN    :ISDN     (I)R02C06 outgoing
dest=TEL:01763426XXXX	:(logger.c;1519)
MsgRx : 1789599: 00002:ROUTER  : to:   ROUTER   from: ISDN     msg: CALL_CONTROL - CC_SETUPACK_IND (F10623B8) 
 ctxt=[f10100de] key=d4000071
_ISDN     :RawTx : 1789622: 00023:TN      :DSL Port:3	:(vspli.c;1022)
_ISDN     :RawTx : 00 01 f4 c2 08 01 0f 05 a1 04 03 80 90 a3 18 01   |................|
_ISDN     :RawTx : 82 6c 0b 00 80 33 32 35 39 35 32 39 30 30 70 0d   |.l...XXXX52900p.|
_ISDN     :RawTx : 80 30 31 37 36 33 34 32 36 32 39 39 35            |.01763426XXXX...|

_ISDN     :RawRx : 1789699: 00077:TN      :DSL Port:3	:(vspli.c;1241)
_ISDN     :RawRx : 00 01 01 f6                                       |................|

_ISDN     :RawRx : 1789719: 00020:TN      :DSL Port:3	:(vspli.c;1241)
_ISDN     :RawRx : 02 01 c2 f6 08 01 8f 0d 18 01 8a 1e 02 81 88      |................|

_ISDN     :RawTx : 1789719: 00000:TN      :DSL Port:3	:(vspli.c;1022)
_ISDN     :RawTx : 02 01 01 c4                                       |................|

_ISDN     :RawRx : 1791319: 01600:TN      :DSL Port:3	:(vspli.c;1241)
_ISDN     :RawRx : 02 01 c4 f6 08 01 8f 01                           |................|

_ISDN     :RawTx : 1791319: 00000:TN      :DSL Port:3	:(vspli.c;1022)
_ISDN     :RawTx : 02 01 01 c6                                       |................|

MsgRx : 1791339: 00020:ROUTER  : to:   ROUTER   from: ISDN     msg: CALL_CONTROL - CC_ALERTING_IND (F10623B7) 
 ctxt=[f10100de] key=d4000071 outgoing_port=2, outgoing_channel=2
MsgTx : 1791339: 00000:ROUTER  : from: ROUTER   to:   SIP      msg: CALL_CONTROL - CC_ALERTING_RQ (F10623B9) 
 ctxt=[f10100de] key=d300006f outgoing_port=2, outgoing_channel=2
SIP m:1791367 2310 02923--- UA TX --> To     UDP(31):
  SIP/2.0 183 Session Progress
  Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK334492cf
  From: <sip:[email protected]:5160>;tag=as44c429d7
  To: <sip:[email protected]:5160>;tag=0015-1EFE-86B4238F
  Call-ID: [email protected]:5160
  CSeq: 102 INVITE
  Contact: <sip:[email protected]:5160>
  Supported: replaces, privacy, norefersub
  Accept: application/sdp,application/none
  Accept-Language: en
  User-Agent: VEGAEURO/
  Content-Type: application/sdp
  Content-Length: 211
  o=Vega 25898 25898 IN IP4
  s=Sip Call
  c=IN IP4
  t=0 0
  m=audio 10040 RTP/AVP 0 101
  a=rtpmap:0 PCMU/8000
  a=rtpmap:101 telephone-event/8000
  a=fmtp:101 0-15,16

Ah, this Forum is a mess for code :frowning:

It look strange, on vega manual it refer default configuration is to use enbloc dialling and on trace log it figure call process dialling is being with overlap (receive SetUpAck and response RQ) following with error message regardless to timer issue and retry win Enblock dialling where it receive a disconnect message with
cause of “Network Out Of Order Network down (don’t try call for a while).”.
Key point when it use Enblock it causes post delay to prevent these delay it should use end of digits or no more digits message (many system use (#).
So if in your dial plan if patterns containing “.*” in the source TEL token will be treated as an overlap call.
So how about if you try “#” after dialled number?.

In Vega is # configured as end of number to dial, but when i do a # after the dialed number, then the call gets not outside. I get a failure message. I think, the call is not routed to vega from freepbx, when i set # to the end of the number.

If call isn’t routed from freepbx to Vega it could trace with a verbose (core set verbose…) or with capture packet.

By the other way if # is configured as end of number no need to be dialled.

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