Break Out of Voicemail

If I dial into my voicemail to listen to messages I’d like to be able to “break out” of it when I’m done. What I mean is, after I listen to my voicemails I’d like to press “0” to get back into the main queue so I can talk to another employee if I so choose. How can I do this?

we’ve been testing an implementation of this as a potential late entrant into 2.5. We were also waiting for some bounties to be paid to help defer the effort. Any chance you would be interested in a contribution towards the effort?

The changed functionality is the following:

If you enter voicemail through an IVR (whether it is you checking your own voicemail, or a caller leaving voicemail for someone, upon exiting the voicemail system (press 1 to accept the left message, or press # if you have been reviewing messages) then you return to the IVR after. In addition, if you call someone with no voicemail (direct extension dial or directory) from the IVR, instead of getting busy, you get a message that the line is busy and redirected back to the IVR. All of this is settable per IVR, if not checked, the default is the previous behavior.

So … any interest in contributing to the effort so we can bring this into the release. There is also a patch that could be tested on 2.4 if you have no 2.5 system to test (although the functionality would only be released in 2.5 if we get it out.

I let my boss know to see if he would like to contribute to this effort.