Branding or advertising opt out

Something minor that has been nagging me in the back of my mind - is it possible to remove any 3rd party branding that is now taking up some large real estate in the gui? The name FreePBX is great - but beyond that, it brings up memories of people getting attacked for wanting to put their name in there and now it seems a bit biased.

If there was ever anyone more deserving - it would be Tony and the guys at Schmooze - their contributions have been terrific, but it just kind of looks like “advertising”, which I love the idea of having, but also would love the idea of “opting out”. If I wanted the Schmooze name I would buy Pbxact.

you could write a module or have one written that defines some different views for the footer, I think that would address it on your side, though you would want to make sure that appropriate copyright or trademark recognition is in it unless it is your own private system.

copyrights, credit and fine print are great, and the FreePBX name is great, but having a 3rd wheel in there pushing 3rd wheel’s sales/service is questionable.

I know FreePBX offers a paid branding - when people pay to have their freepbx branded - it should remain in their deployments, not in mine.

I wish I could write a module, but I am not well versed in php, it would be more preferential to keep things the way they have always been, or - I am all for displaying Schmooze’s name in every copy, as they deserve something for the tremendous work they have done, but at the same time give us the option to opt out when desired.

It’s odd that in the past since FreePBX version 1.x there was the option to remove the FreePBX logo, but now, I have a 3rd party in there that I have to hack up to remove or learn to like it??? Is it a community product - or is it a Schmooze product? - not trying to be argumentative, just fair.