Brand new to FreePBX

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Hi all,
Hope all is well, I am brand new to free PBX so please be patient , I have a lot of experience with more traditional systems, Avaya, Panasonic etc however I wanted to give this a try,
I have created a freepbx server on digitalocean and can access it etc, however I seem to need to keep stopping the inbuilt firewall every so often as it kicks me off regularly, I am doing this from the SSH console. How can I keep this inbuilt firewall enabled with allowing me HTTP/HTTPS access to the configuration page?
My other question is regarding extensions, I am struggling to register an extension, I see there is multiple types, I have tried PJSIP and CHANSIP with my snom820 handset I have lying around to little success, I believe I have opened the relevant ports for this also. Could someone explain what all the different extensions mean?
I’m sure once I have a phone registered I will have more questions, the full interface seems a lot more complex than what I had expected!


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I am also quite inexperienced in using FreePBX, but maybe I can help a bit.

To question 1
Admin/System Admin/Intrusion Detection
In the field “Whitelist” I have entered my IP addresses.

Here I have also entered my IP addresses and assigned them to the zone "Trusted (Exclude from Firewall).

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Hi Patrick,
Thanks for the response,
My system doesn’t seem to let me into the intrusion detection option,
I have totally disabled my firewall too just to try and get a single phone registered.
I still can’t seem to achieve this, it seems so overwhelming compared to the big manufactures systems I am use to.
I have opened 5060 etc to the system via digital ocean firewall and yet open port checker tells me it’s not open, not sure what’s going on!

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Sounds like maybe you do not have the Sys Admin enabled and the system registered?