Branches & Modules - Update Cycle?


I’ve logged some tickets that have apparently been fixed. Using the setup -> module admin shows no new updates, and in previous updates i havent seen evidence of the change being carried over. For instance, 2295 shows that an up-to-date amportal.conf should contain a new parameter for the bad-number context - this doesnt appear.

FreePBX shows all modules up to date, after checking for online updates - at version

When do the module downloads get updated?

Any ideas?


OK i think i’ve understood. Rather than SVN UP mentality, new changes to amportal.conf arent merged, they’re ignored if the file already exists. The AMPBADNUMBER directive seems to be in so i’ll check it out and leave for now. thanks.

yes - you stumbled across the one ‘confusing’ one. amportal.conf is only included with tarball downloads as part of the initial install (similar to install_amp). And it is not used if one already exists. So as occasional new configuration parameters get introduced (which is not that often) you won’t see them. The default values are what most people use, so it is only in the event that you need one of these that you need to find out about it. The AMPBADNUMBER in question was a bit of a border line whether we put it into the General Settings tab (where you would immediately see it and not have to mess with the conf file) or in the conf file. For a couple reasons, it was put in the conf file.

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