**BOUNTY** Page with Pickup

We would like to be able to page to a page group and while there is an active page, the person being paged can pickup the phone, press a key, and now that page becomes a “private call”. This is a very busy retail location which people are not at a desk so they use the paging a lot. Now the problem is they have to page, announce which phone they are at, the person being paged has to hear that and then wait till the pager hangs up so the pagee can then call the person back. The duplex page option gets once step closer, but everyone can hear the call, also, with duplex page in a noisy store, it picks up all the background noise.

So I would like to have the ability to page (one way) and have the person being paged (pagee) be able to pickup a phone and press any button (# for example) and then that page turns into a bridged call. Our customer is willing to pay for this since the Nortel we replaced for them did this. Anyone who feels they can do this let me know how much and when it can be ready.

Thank you.

csimmons at vowinc.com


Hmm, sure sounds like an interesting - yet challenging - idea. Posting the bounty amount might make the offer more enticing.

I am just willing to pay anyone who can do this. I don’t know how much in involved so we are open for suggestions. If someone can give me what you think it is worth or how much work it will take, we are willing to pay for it.

This must work with freepbx 2.5 and asterisk 1.4.

Hi blockparty,

If want a quick resolution, you can get paid support and professional services directly from the FreePBX developers. Follow this link for details and contact information:


If you would like an estimate you can email them at:

support @ freepbx.org.

Thanks, Seth

I am not in a rush, so if someone wants to give a stab at it, let me know.

A page and pickup application would be an exciting addition.

There may be an easier solution, what type of phones are you using?

Why not use the parking lot feature.
Park the call and page them to pick it up on 71-79/whatever.