Bounty (not the quicker picker upper)

At the asterisk devcon there was discussion of bug bounties. This lead to Josh updating the wiki at

Note most of that content was already there but they added a “bounty” tag to Jira (the bug tracker).

I wonder if that would be worth wild for FreePBX.

Same dynamics/policies as mentioned on the Asterisk wiki. If there is a bug you need fixed offer a bounty as mentioned and people can pick it up and fix it (following submission/PR guidelines).


I like the idea of feature bounties. Bug bounties, not so much.


Wasn’t that how we got @danardf and the Hospitality Management Suite? Sure, he got the ultimate bounty, but still…

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Thanks for thinking to me. :slight_smile:
But not exactly, apart if you think this one was a job in Sangoma.
It’s a long story…

I don’t deal in exactly Franck. Exact is the enemy of ‘good enough’.

Don’t worry, I’m happy to work in Sangoma. So, bounty or not, no worry
The main stuff, is to work with a good team. :wink:

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Upvote for the pop-culture reference from the 80s.

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