Bought Commercial Module Not Appearing In FreePBX License

Hi Guys,

can anyone give me an idea what causes the problem or my mistake? I recently bought a FreePBX-CM Extension Routing Module 1 year license(0$). I tried it first before buying acall recording reports which cost $125. It is my first time to buy a commercial module and it is not appearing in my License of freepbx, I already tried to reset the apache, check in the admin module but it is not there…I even tried to reset my server already but still its not appearing… I even downloaded another free commercial module which is FreePBX-CM-Appt reminder but still it is not appearing in my license…See my screenshot below please help me guys…

PBX Firmware: 5.211.65-7
PBX Service Pack:

By what method did you purchase call recording reports?