Boss/Asisstant conference feature

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I’m running FreePBX 13 looking for way to accomplish the below scenario with dalplan or installing a module:
I would like an incoming call to ring both Boss and his assistant’s extensions. If he should answer the call ringing should stop for assistant and backward. If he or she press a button he/she should be placed on the line with both his assistant/boss and the caller.

Any help would be appreciated

The first part is real simple. Create a Ring Group in Applications---->Ring Groups. This will ring members of the group when the specified number is dialed. The second part is not as straight forward because you have not identified what model phones you are using but can be just as simple to accomplish. For example, Grandstream’s GXP21xx series have hard and soft multi-puprose keys. A multi-purpose key on the boss’ phone could be configured as a conference button to the assistant’s number and vice versa. When someone calls the specified number, both phones ring. Whoever picks up first is connected to the caller and the other phone stops ringing. The answering party can then connect the boss/assistant by pressing the appropriate multi-purpose key. There are many ways this can be done, this is just one example. It really depends on the features of your end-user hardware.

Hi goetzrc76,
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I’m using Aastra 6739i.
Really don’t know about a Key feature capable to intercepting an active call. Phone has to be able to intercept a active then make automatically a conference call with all the parties.

I was thinking to use a Conference Room but boss/asistant will requiere to be always into that conference room to able to join with the caller.

Do you have any suggestion?


You can use the Barge function to break into a call, but I’m not sure you really want the boss or the secretary barging into an in-progress call. I would think you’d want to use one of the various conferencing techniques (some of which you phone can do natively) to allow the person on the phone to include the other person in the call.

It could be something as simple as a transfer and just don’t drop off the call. I’d suggest scripting a use-case where you actually describe what you want to do so we can help you.

What you are saying now is completely different from your original post.

Your stated that when caller dials a number, XXXXXXXXX, to ring both the boss and assistant. When one of them picks up, the other stops ringing. This is a ring group by definition. You then wanted whichever one of them picked up to be able to connect the other with themselves and the caller by pressing a button. That is a conference or three-way calling by definition.

Now you are talking about intercepting an active call (I’m not even sure what you mean by this).

There will need to be some manual interface by the boss or assistant.

Simply create a ring group called “Boss/Assistant” and add the boss and assistant’s extensions to it XXXXXXXX1 and XXXXXXXX2.

Then create an inbound route for the desired number the caller will dial- XXXXXXXXX and set the destination as the “Boss/Assistant” ring group.

When someone dials XXXXXXXXX, the phones on both the boss’ and assistant’s desks will ring. When one answers, the other will stop ringing.

Test that this works.

Page 45 of the Aastra 6739i manual discusses Programming Function Keys. Most likely, you will need to assign the key type as Destination and then enter the feature code for a conference call on your system followed by the extension to be dialed. (On the boss’s phone, enter the extension for the assistant’s phone and on the assistant’s phone, enter the boss’ extension.

Test that the key/button works.

Finally, call the ring group number and have the boss or the assistant answer the phone. Once answered, have them press the key/button for the conference.

In this setup, no one needs to remain in the conference when not needed but the boss or assistant have to apply the slightest bit of effort to answer the phone and press a button. If that is too much for them, the boss should not be in charge of anything and the assistant really isn’t capable of assisting with anything.

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