Bootstrap Programming

I’m not sure if I’m going in the right direction, I want to be able to change either a Misc Destination’s value, or the IVR that points to the Misc Destination (and have more than one Misc Destination programmed).

I’m more than familiar with perl/SQL a little PHP but everything I’ve searched has pointed to the BootStrap but I can’t find any documentation to get me started.

Basically working on a oncall rotation, and we have used nested TC’s, and the built in calendars in the past, but I’m just trying to get something a little more robust going. I have no issue pulling and parsing an ical to get who’s on call and mapping that to the data I need I’m just not sure how to modify FreePBX/Asterisk in a way that will be stable and not create issues during upgrades.

Thanks in advance!

Sorry, I know nothing about BootStrap, but you may find that the Dynamic Routes module will do most of what you need: Dynamic Routes User Guide - PBX GUI - Documentation .

I have never even noticed that module, definitely looks interesting!

Wanted to let you know i had a proof of concept within 30 min of seeing your suggestion. I’m still working on the ical parsing (i got busy or id be done lol).

Thank you very much!

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