Boot server

yesterday I was reviewing how to provision a polycom phone and
ran across a page that talked about sip servers. i keyed into my phone it ran an update and installed
software rebooted and enabled a dial tone.

I signed up for Sipstation service and trunks trough free pbx.
I am assuming my dial tone is coming from the sipserver but and not connected to freepbx or asterisk.

My trunk config is pointing to "host=GW1:"
My question for sip-station service is for boot-server documentation links and whether its available with the service.
or is any boot server compatible with asterisk and freepbx

Thank you

Had you read even the most basic documentation you would know that your assumption is wrong. That’s not how SIP works.

The rest of your post is complete gibberish. Why do refuse to arm yourself with at least a modicum of knowledge before wasting everybody’s time?