Bluetooth gets disconnected every time phone auto provisions

I have a bluetooth headset, which is used alongside a Sangoma S705 to take calls. The phone auto-provisions every 24 hours, which disconnects the bluetooth headset and requires it to be connected again in the settings. Is there a way to stop it from disconnecting and would it be safe (or is there even a way) to turn off the auto-provision feature on the server?
Thank you.

In EPM Global Settings you can set Resync Time to 0 to make it stop checking.

Thank you. I assume I will have to push firmware updates manually when they come out. How would I go about doing that?

Not just firmware updates, but any configuration changes.

You can force a device to recheck it’s configuration through the Extension Mapping page of EPM, middle action button (Force Phone to Check Config)

Also possible from the device’s management ui but off the top of my head I don’t know the sequence to initiate the configuration pull, maybe “Management/Autoprovision/Autoprovision Now”

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