Bluetooth dongle and roles of the server

Hi all.

I have Freepbx running on a raspberry PI 2 since a year now.
I have recently set a Bluetooth dongle to connect to my phone, and created rules to get some calls depending on the numbers dialed to use this route, and it works like a charm !

I still encounter one problem : While my asterisk server is linked via BT to my phone, each time I get an incoming call in my phone, because BT is linked, I can’t get the call in my phone, and the call is passed to the asterisk !

Actually this service can push the incoming calls from asterisk to phone but also get incoming calls from phone to asterisk, and that is a pain.

My question is how can I do the setting (on the server side) for the BT service so that it do not act as a receiver ? (means, is there a “role” setting for the server ?)

Any help would be appreciated.

Laurent (France)


If I remember correctly you have to create an inbound route for this to work…

What happens if you delete or disable it?

Considering your PBX kind of emulates an headset I am not sure how much control you can have over this…

Bonne journée!