BLOX Session Border Controller

Does anyone have any experience using BLOX as an SBC? We utilize Edgemarc right now as an edge router but for those smaller installs that we have PfSense at, i was wondering if I could use this as a router to register the lan to the hosted PBX’s we have. Thanks

I know nothing about Blox but it seems like unnecessary complexity for a small system.

I would run an OpenVPN client on the pfSense box, connecting to the VPN server on the PBX. The VPN is a separate element that can be configured and troubleshot by anyone with network experience, needing no knowledge about VoIP or phones. The phones are then effectively directly connected to the PBX and can be simply configured and troubleshot as if the PBX were local.

Alternatively, if the client site has a static or de facto static IP address, just mark it as Trusted in FreePBX firewall, configure pfSense to not butcher the SIP, and let the phones connect directly to the FreePBX public IP.

We use the edge mark as a session border controller / and router. It also has native traffic shaping. Which is the one thing I’ve never been able to find PF sense to do easily. But that’s good use of the open VPN client so thank you for the suggestion.

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