Blog - Expanding FreePBX GraphQL APIs

(Lorne Gaetz) #1

New blog post from @kgupta1 announcing the most recent API improvements …

(TheJames) #2

Great job team for building this out. I would like to see some focus on the REST side too. I have been watching the commits and unit testing on this as it has progressed. good deals

(Matt Brooks) #3

Sangoma will primarily focus on the GraphQL APIs. The REST side of the APIs will be community driven. Unfortunately, this means that I don’t know how much effort Sangoma will put into the REST side of the APIs. I think it would be nice if someone could scope out the matching REST apis to make it at least easy for community developers to help contribute to it. Maybe someone from Sangoma can do that.

(Dave Burgess) #4

There’s no reason I can think of to apologize. Make the REST API a community component and let us go to town. People need to get back to supporting the community side of the system with code and not just random whines about what isn’t working.

If it doesn’t work and you have the source code - fix it and submit it.

(TheJames) #5

I currently have to do things across several versions so I am in module land. That is simple enough for people like me who wrote a ton of the code base. I personally though would prefer connectors and API’s because I can write against them as I please with whatever language I please. As more people go to 15+ that will be an option and I will look at improving REST as needed. I totally support this as a community effort.

I remember when ARI launched I was chomping at the bit to use it. I had to wait several years to do anything with it in FreePBX because people needed to upgrade to a newer version of Asterisk and some folks were stuck on 11.

New toys take a little time to find support so they can be used in the mainstream

Much like the tampered warning post I recommended to that guy he submit his code back. If you are doing something you find useful to the code give back.

(Lorne Gaetz) #6

The other morning my partner asked what “Patches Welcome” means? I asked in what context they had heard it, and was informed it formed part of an otherwise unintelligible outburst of talking in my sleep. I’m treating this as an early warning sign that I’ve been at this too long.