Blocking spoofed callerid exchange (central office) robocalling scams

I’m trying to figure out how to get around this annoying roboscammers that call me daily, sometimes multiple times, from numbers that match the first 6 digits of my phone number.

So my cell number starts with 281-787-XXXX so every single day I get calls from every variation of that number from 0000-9999, so far the only exceptions are my number, and my parent’s numbers, both of which have the same first six digits (the area code and exchange code).

I would like to create an inbound route, or blacklist, that performs a dial pattern match on CID blocking anything that matches 281787XXXX but doesn’t block my number, and my parent’s phone numbers. From what I’ve read perhaps an inbound route could do this using the syntax of _281787XXXX but as I understand it this only works for inbound DID and not CID. If I could find a way to have it match inbound CID, imagine I would just need to make an additional configuration/inbound route to pattern match the numbers for my folks and send those directly to voicemail, right? Just kidding, I guess they can ring through.

Any ideas? Thanks.

We talked about something like this a few weeks ago.

In that example, the user wanted to modify the inbound Caller ID to match the dialing requirements for his outbound connections, but the idea isn’t that much different.

Basically, the simplest way is to write a custom inbound context (from-pstn-custom, for example) and put in the numbers you want to validate. You can hard-code them to validate the Caller ID number against the Asterisk database if you want to be able to add numbers on the fly.

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