Blocking own number inbound

Oh those pesky telemarketers. Ever since I let my staff know about using *32 to permanently block telemarketing numbers the number of bogus calls has diminished. That is they were diminishing until this month. I have to hand it to the telemarketers, they are an inventive lot and they have now come up with a new wrinkle - we are getting numerous calls each day from telemarketers spoofing their caller ID to be our own number. I am hesitant to use *32 to block my own numbers. Logically, I can’t think of any reason it wouldn’t work, but if there was a problem, it would have a serious impact. Has anyone tried blocking their outbound CID from appearing on inbound calls? Is there a better way to block these spoofed numbers? Thanks.

Just make an “inbound route” that has your curerntly used CallerID numbers in the “CallerID Number” box and a destination of “Terminate Call” of your choice.