Blocking outbound numbers


I am sure I am missing something obvious, but is there a facility within FreePBX to block specific outbound numbers (like blacklist in reverse)? I know I can manipulate the dial patterns in the outbound routes to try and exclude the call, but I am sure there must be something more elegant?

I need to block three specific numbers. I currently have an outbound route that routes the calls to a non existent zap group, but it isn’t very tidy.



From the left side Setup menu choose Misc Applications. If you wanted to block calls to 12125551234, you could try something like this:

Description: Block 12125551234
Feature Code: 12125551234
Feature Status: Enabled

Under Destination: Select Terminate Call. The default way to terminate the call is Hangup, but I like Congestion a little better. By choosing a different destination, you could even route the call into an Announcement or IVR if you want.

This method works great if you have a few specific numbers you would like to prevent from being dialed outbound.

Another way is to create a invalid trunk and use that. This is real easy, go into trunks, click add a sip trunk, enter bad trunk for trunk name and bad user trunk for peer information (it’s the only two required pieces of information) and submit.

Then in the outbound routes create a new first route and and put all the numbers and dial patterns you don’t want anybody to be able to dial out in it and select the SIP/bad trunk trunk. The recording played will be one of all circuits are busy now.

It’s great way to get those people who were told to NOT dial 900#'s via a company policy when they show up complaining they don’t work.

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I have used the invalid trunk method for the time being, but I think something more elegant may be in order, that lets you direct all the calls on the ‘blocked numbers’ list (via a pattern match) to one of the normal destinations (i.e. an announcement followed by hangup).

I will log a feature request.


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