Blocking outbound calls on certain Bri line

Hi everybody,

I would like to allow outbound calling on only one precise bri line. I have 4 bri lines and each of them allow outgoing and incoming calls. I would like to allow outgoing calls on only one of them and prevent it on the three others as they are designed to only be able to receive incoming calls. This is what I’ve done:

I have 4 Trunks;
3 inbound routes;
1 outbound route;

But each time I made a call, if the chosen outgoing line is down, the call is made on one the three others and this is what I wanted to prevent. Please how could I resolve this problem.

Thank you for having read.

Extension Routing Module

But Wait…there’s more…

I would assume you have your BRI set up as separate trunks…as in g0, g1, g2, g3.

For instance if g3 is the only trunk available for outbound, then you would use on it in your normal outbound routing.


that’s great w5waf! I’ve had this same idea just few minutes after my post. I tried few tricks and as they all failed, I decided to try that. The only difference is that I’ve just put the outgoing line in a different group. I left all the incoming ones in the same group.