Blocking outbound 911 on several extensions

Running FreePBX 14.x
We have numerous remote employees with e911 setup properly but have a few with softphones outside the US. Would like to block those employees outside of the US from accidentally dialing 911.
Otherwise would we just submit their nonUS address to our SIP provider?

One easy thing to do would be to make another outbound route and put their extensions in the caller ID field.

And give it a route password that no one knows.

Then make sure it is before the normal 911

Understood, this should be a good workaround, thanks

Instead of using a real trunk and a PIN, you can create a custom trunk that simply hangs up the call.


I assume you could also use a custom trunk to play an announcement. Never looked at it. But that would at least give the user valid feedback on WTF happened if you make the annoucnement recording “You are not allowed to dial 911 due to your location” or something like that.

I went with your outbound route dial pattern > custom trunk solution. Works like a charm

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