Blocking distination

Can we block particular distination like cuba or any high rate distinations in a trunk or outbound routes? me in this.


make a route that includes those destinations with a ‘bogus’ trunk.

Then put that route right above the route that would normally handle that dial pattern.

The bogus trunk could be a non existent DAHDI/ZAP group (even if you don’t have any such hardware. Alternatively the trunk could be a custom trunk which loops back into the dialplan to some context that plays some message telling them the number is blocked.

I’ve done it this way:

  1. Create an announcement message which tells the user that a restricted number has been dialed.

  2. Create a Misc Application which points the announcement you created. For this example, assume the Misc Applicaton code is 25625.

  3. Create a custom trunk. After naming the trunk (in this example itis called “RESTRICT”.
    use all defaults, but in the Custom Dial String bos put:

Local/[email protected]

  1. Now you create an outbound route. Set up pattern matching to match the numbers you want to restrict. Point this outbound route to the trunk “RESTRICT”.

Looks like
I just repeated what Phillippe said. I guess we were typing at the same time.

Another easy alternative is to create an ENUM trunk and use that as the only trunk selection for your route. 99.9999% of the time the call won’t go through, but if it does happen to complete via ENUM it won’t cost you anything.

yup - enum is the best option unless you are looking to provide a recording indicating the route is blocked.

Hi Friends,
I have created separate trunk ENUM and also used ZAP for given in outbound route with dial plan 01153XXXXXXXX and 01153XXXXXXXX+*32.
But it is taking other active trunk and ringing over there.
So pl.advice me again

Make sure you are matching the number correctly and your route is sequenced above your primary routes.

Yes , it is matching to other primary routes with starting 011 for making international calls but not completely (starting only 011).
I need solution to block completely 01153XXXXXXXX and 911, 01191 like that .
Can it posible to deny thease routes in trunk or route it self

The new route to intercept the calls must appear before the 011 general route. It will be checked first for the 01153X… numbers and if the number dialed is not one of those numbers, it will fall through to the next route.

Depending on your version of FreePBX, you may have to remove the original international route, add this intercept route and then re-add the original international route.

My 2.8 version of FreePBX has arrows next to the routes so you can move the routes up and down in order.

Actually in 2.8 the routes can be drag-and-dropped to change the order.

Hi kenn,
Thank you very much for an idea, Now it is working(blocking).