Blocking Allow Anonymous SIP Calls stops all incoming calls

We currently have allow anonymous sip calls set to ‘Yes’ and allow sip guests ‘Yes’. We would like to set these both to No, but when we do this, no incoming calls can get through. What configurations changes do we need to make in Freepbx to get this to work?

Currently we have outbound settings configured on our Trunk but no inbound settings. The host setting points to our VoIP providers DNS. They can potentially pass calls from 11 different IP addresses, however we do know what these are.

Many thanks.

We would have to know the provider to provide anything useful.

Also the normal things, Asterisk Version, FreePBX Version.

We are using Freepbx with asterisk version 1.811.210.57-2. The VoIP provider is Blizzard.

You need to know what IP the 5060 signaling will come from and set that up as the host= in the inbound section.

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Thanks. Unfortunately this could be 1 of 11 IP addresses. Would this work if I set the host to be the DNS in the inbound section?