Blocking 911 Calling

I have someone asking if they can block outbound calling from a specific extension to 911. In other words, they want the phone to be able to call internally, but not dial externally, including 911. So 2 questions.

  1. How is this achieved?
  2. The better question is, Is this even legal? (restricting dialing to 911)

Probably not technically ‘illegal’ but if you don’t allow it you could be exposed to significant penalties and liability. Particularly if some ones suffers loss by not being able to dial it.

(This assumes you are the US where Kari’s law now applies)

That was exactly my thought as well. Might not be worth it. Thanks for the 2nd opinion.

dialing 911 doesn’t necessarily need direct connection to a PSAP

but it does need to be handled 24/7 by ‘responsible adults’ in a timely fashion

There are things you can do - for example, there are a bunch of new settings that allow for outbound 911 calling to ring a central office phone. You can also deal with ‘the problem’, assuming it’s a specific employee or phone, administratively.

Blocking access to 911 is going to end up badly. Monitoring 911 activities, especially from a ‘specific phone’ is probably a good idea either way.

I would say NEVER block 911. It needs to reach a human of some sort. You can assume 99% of the time if someone is dialing 911 they have an emergency or Mc Donald’s ice cream machine is broken.

If you do outright block it there needs to be a big (_____)____) label that says this phone does not allow dialing of 911 etc.

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Yep, Agreed. It’s just too risky to prevent it. I see lawsuit written all over it. Thanks to all of you for confirming my viewpoint.

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