Blocking 900 Etc Numbers

So I’m following the instructions here:

But the dial patterns all start with 1. The service I’m using allows dialing without a 1 prefix. I could duplicate all the number in this list without a 1. But is there a pattern to match numbers both with and without a 1?

Well this:

Says I need to enter two patterns, one with and one without the 1.

You might want to ‘normalize’ the inbound callerid(number) by using the


Context in extensions.conf for your trunk.


For more information on from-pstn-e164-us please refer to

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Thanks for the reply Nick and Dicko. But I’m confused by your answers. This is not an inbound issue. I’m talking about outbound dial rules. The link I provided talks about creating a dummy trunk and then putting an outbound path pointing to it with all the numbers you want blocked.

Now the second link says that I cannot put 1/no-1 in a single pattern. So I’ve copied the numbers provided and edited out the 1. My problem seems to be solved.

Kirk, you are right, I misread…

What you did sounds perfectly fine…

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