Blocked UDP Packets


Is there a way to bypass UDP packets blocked by the ISP in Lebanon?

FreePBX is hosted on my local machine in Texas. All extensions in Lebanon have been working like a charm for over a year, until the govt in Lebanon decided to block VoIP few days ago. Thank you.

I would suggest a VPN.

Other possibility is IAX2

You might also try moving to a non-standard SIP port on both the pones and Asterisk.

Thank you guys.

As far as the VPN option, where would the VPN be installed? Do you know of any good tutorial I can read to know-how?

I un-commented #include sip_general_custom.conf in the sip.conf, and I added the following line:

portbind = XXXX & I changed the port in my linksys ATA PAP2. Is this how you would go about moving to a non-standard sip port?

I think they mean that you’d have to change the port on each individual extension’s page.

I do recall seeing an OpenVPN tutorial somewhere about a year ago, I remember it used an ASUS router flashed with a particular firmware build on the far end. If you put the words “OpenVPN FreePBX Asus” (without the quotes) into Google you’ll probably find it.

Thank you.

It was suggested to me to add “” in Outbound Proxy field in the ATA. While it does register fine, and there’s a tone in the overseas handset, there is no audio on incoming or outgoing calls.

However, when we use the MyWebCall credentials in the ATA, there is no audio issue.

PS: I use sipgate/GV on FreePBX server for outgoing/incoming.

Any suggestions?? Thank you.