Block voicemail access from certain extensions to any other than their own

In FreePBX, is there any way to block certain extensions from accessing any voicemail other than their own (including via the voicemail menu, *98, etc)?

Why does everyone know all the other user’s passwords?
(that’s what they are for, and you can set the acceptable number of attempts before Comedian Mail hangs up on you)

They wouldn’t know the passwords of all users, but my concern would be that a user of one of the “protected” accounts might set a weak or easily guessed password. As you know, in IT, no matter what we tell users, they often do as they please, so we need to try to lock things down as best as possible.

On the subject of the incorrect password attempts with hangup, could this be set per extension, or is it globally set?

There is a config option for “from my phone only”. Tell your customer that their choices are that or good passwords.