Block specific number from outbound route


In IAX we have a route for 9xx ( 900 extensions ) but want to insure we block 911.
The 911 route is before the 900 route which should force it to go to 911 service, but we just had a case where over IAX to this PBX a 911 call was made.
I thought I could use ^911 as one of the lines in the dial pattern, unfortunately that didn’t work. (^ was NOT in syntax from what I read )
Any suggestions?


^ in a regex anchors the match to the beginning, however in trunks the match for a wild card uses _ .

However a call to 911 is better matched as exactly 911 and not _911 which would match any string of characters starting with 911, often we add 9911 to catch some ancient thinking also

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My dilemma is having to allow routing of 9XX but Not 911 so that it goes out emergency route, which is an outbound route listed before the 9XX route.
I thought I could do some kind of inverse match or NOT 911 within the 9XX route?

_9NN. does not match ^911$ (nor ^91N. nor ^921. , N= [2-0])

An Outbound Route with two match patterns:
will match 900-999, except for 911.

However, there is something wrong with your system if the emergency route that matches 911 is earlier in the list than the IAX trunk, and it still called 911 via IAX. If you ‘fix’ the IAX trunk, then a future 911 call may fail altogether, which is much worse than reaching the wrong PSAP. You need to find out why the original emergency route did not match what the caller dialed. Note that the even if all the trunks listed in the emergency route fail, a 911 call would get ‘all circuits are busy now’ and would not try the IAX trunk.

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