Block outbound calls for one extension

I want to set up a phone for only receiving inbound calls and can’t dial out. Not sure if I could do this in my pbx or the phone itself.

Look at the extension routing module.


Bill, When I look in Module Admin in my FreePBX 2.11 I see that the module is enabled.

From the description I saw I expected to see route check boxes for the routes in each extension and extension inclusion/exclusion lists in each outbound route. I don’t see either one of these.

Did it not get implemented that way? The PDF that’s referenced goes to a bad url. Is this module functionally undocumented?

Thanks, Bill/WB6RFW

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That’s a commercial module, authough it’s free, so you have to register it.


I put in an order and got a confirmation last night that the order had been processed. I Followed the instructions and went to the “Admin”>>“System Admin”>>“License” page on the GUI and clicked “Check” radio button. I clicked “OK” in the popup box and the little barber pole icon on the menu bar went around for a little while then stopped. I don’t see any change and the features don’t show up in the Outbound Routes or Extensions configuration pages. This is all I have in the “System License” page;

PBX Deployment ID: *****171
Product Name: OSS FreePBXDistro
Licensed Products:?
Global License Expiration 03-Jan-2030
Zend status: Available
Update License:?

The module in Module Admin" Shows Extension Routes Version Enabled.

What am I missing? :frowning: