Block incoming caller id to certain extensions?

Does anyone know if it is possible to block incoming caller id to certain extensions in the system? I’m guessing that this would be done at the extension level but I’ve not seen an option for such

This question comes up once or twice a year (usually after someone’s CSR stopped answering calls from “certain customers”). It seems to me there is a commercial module that can handle it - chat sales up and let them guide you.

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You’re exactly right as to what the customer wants it for! I’ll chat with sales and see what they think. I can’t think of any current module that does this but I could be wrong

My normal recommendation is based on my management style from my days in the Air Force: kill the first one and rest will fall right in line.

I’ve never had to repeat myself after a situation solved that way. Think of it as a six-monkeys problem, just with one monkey. :slight_smile:

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