Block Extensions in freepbx in a flash

hey everybody

i got a problem

it is as follow

lets say

we have the 4 teachers and the 24 students…

the 24 students have a extension of 30x
and the teachers 40x

Teachers must call the students
Students must call the teacher
Teachers must call teachers

But Students to students may not happen

i am running pbx in a flash. i have a little knowledge about the .conf file. can you help me

FreePBX is not designed to do this, the dialplan generated will allow all users to call each other.

Even a module like custom-context won’t help, they can either call all users or no users depending on how you configure it with that module.

But if you look at this Topic

I dont know how to make those groups

that’s custom dialplan work, you are bypassing FreePBX and won’t be able to use FreePBX to manage your extensions.