Block Extension to use Outbound Routes

Hi all,

I want to configure that some extension will not able to call outside the company.
How i configure it?

I use Asterisk now with freepbx 2.7.02


There are multiple options to do this using third party modules available in the extended repository such as custom context.

However, you can do this without any other modules by simply creating an outbound route with the same patterns that you want blocked, but that includes the extensions in the CallerID field of the pattern, and then have the route point to a bogus trunk. (e.g. create a dahdi/zap trunk group g10 that doesn’t really exist).

Now make sure to position this route just before the standard one. It will catch all the desired extensions that you want to block and deliver them to a trunk that can’t complete the call…

Thank you for answear.
I try configure new outbound routes, and route it to bogus trunk.
In “Route CID” i write extension that i want to block,
but all other extension stop working.

My default outbound route configure to real trunk, wthout other information.
I mean “Route CID” is blank.

Please Help.