Block Extension to use Outbound Route


I have trixbox with PRI.
Now all extension dial 9 for use PRI call.
I want to block one extension for use it.
This extension need to be only for local use.

How i block extension to use outbound route?


what version of FreePBX are you using?

FreePBX 2.5.1

Version 2.5 is no longer supported, you may want to upgrade to 2.7 which is the most recent release.

In 2.7, you can make a route which is just good for that extension (see the tooltip for how you add CID to the dial rules). You would then point that route to a bogus trunk that will fail and make sure that route comes before the routes you don’t want it to have access to. The other extensions will not use this and continue looking for their route in the subsequent routes.

If you are not able to upgrade, you can install the 3rd party Custom Context module to do what you want. Be aware though, using that module may be a dead end long term unless the funding is achieved to get it ported to 2.8 and beyond, see: