Block an extenension making external calls

Using free PBX 13.Have set up dummy trunk and outbound route Patten match string as 0./200 want to block 200 from making calls starting with a 0 i see free PBX 13 changes it to 0.200 and when I place the route at the top it blocks all the extension not just 200 can some one tell me what the correct Patten match to only block 200 thank you

Easy way would be to use the free (for a year) routing module and set it to use that dummy trunk.

Or, if you don’t want a module solution, in the phones dial plan you should be able to set it up with {1-9.} as well

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I see from the wiki you can force a extension to use a particular route
() + | . / 200 basically 200 will then use the blocked route unfortunately telling me dial Pattern is invalid still in a situation were I can block all the extensions were I want to only block one
thank you for the help

Hi Kyle
I found the free routing module and I asked for it for a year at 0 cost
Not sure what happens now as under the extensions and outbound route it still shows not registered and out bound nothing under additional settings also read about class of service and I uninstalled that but has not helped .It is showing under module admin as enabled but upgradeable the upgradable comes with a cost
Any suggestions would be appreciated thank you

Thank you seems to be working not to sure what happened appreciated

You probably just needed to wait on the auto license refresh, or refresh it manually. I’ve fallen into that one once or twice myself. Glad it’s working for you though.

Appreciate all the help the routing module is working in my outbound route I can allow or block an extension completely wonderful would now like to allow certain number to be dialled and certain numbers not and my understanding is I could make more outbound routes or dummy routes and then allow or disallow extensions. At the moment my one outbound route under my dial pattern third block(match pattern) has 10 X in it and I can dial anywhere
We have a 10 digit numbering range. for a local call we would dial say 011 followed by a 7 digit number and say for a mobile 082 followed by a 7 digit number so basically as an example I would like a particular extension to phone local 011 followed by 7 digits but not mobile 082 followed by 7 digits and I am not sure what to put in to the match Patten to do this
Have the situation were I can now allow calls or block calls need to just get the in-between
As always thank you

Sorry I didn’t see you responded on this one.

For the route to allow 011 calls, put in 011XXXXXXX as something that the route matches.

Don’t put anything at all for 082 if you want it blocked. The more specific digits you put, the more restrictive it gets. So say you wanted 01112345 to work as a start of a number (company owned block), but 01112344XX to be blocked, you could put 01112345XX as a route, and numbers that start to that point would work, allowing them only to dial a potential 100 numbers that could match that specific rule. You can also use N for a number that doesn’t match 1 or 0 instead of an X, and Z if you want anything but a 0. You can also use [124] if you want it to match a 1, 2 and a 4, but nothing else in that spot.

You can do neat things with dial rules, now that you have the extension route module you can really keep the calls controlled.

Much Appreciated Kyle and the whole forum learning each day