Block all incoming calls from all BUT 2 area codes

So I want to make a certain DID unable to receive calls from anywhere but 208 and 509 area codes. Something like 1208XXXXXXX would come thru and 1509XXXXXXX would also come thru but all other would go to SIT or Busy. I found someone wanting to do that same thing but it is a 2 year old post and doesnt have enough information for me to implement the solution.

I think I may have it but not sure it is working! I entered the strings in Caller ID Number on the General tab of the inbound route. Comma separated but no joy.

Just create 2 inbound routes, one for CID 1208XXX. and second for 1509XXX. Should work that way just fine.

You’ll probably need a third, default one that uses a hangup process (Zapateller, put on hold forever, etc.) to handle the rest of the area codes.