Block access to feature codes/extensions

Is there a good way in FreePBX 2.9 to block specific extension from calling other extensions or from dialing any of the feature codes?


I’m using FreePBX 2.9 beta with the Custom-Contexts module. There have been no issues that I have detected with the module. My 911 routing is correct and feature access/deny works flawlessly for each context.

This is really my first foray into linux, asterix, and freepbx.

There is obviously quite a learning curve but folks have been very helpful.

Thanks so much for lending a hand…

I don’t know if it has gotten a lot of testing. It should work as there are no significant changes made in 2.9 that should break it to the best of my knowledge.

I have not gone through and tried loading it myself yet (I don’t think I have even published it yet which means it is probably pulling the 2.8 version which also should be fine)

I’ll be having a look at it in the next week or so to do some sanity checks but I’m guessing that there are people testing who do have it loaded since there are quite a few beta testers at this point.

you can use the custom context module to set up restricted access to feature codes. You can’t block extensions from calling other extensions unless you block all extensions from calling each other which you should also be able to do with custom context.

Keep in mind that this has some limitations, the module itself is unsupported because there are plenty of “security” related flaws such as an extension forwarding a call can 'break out" of it’s restricted context, stuff like that.

Thank you for the detailed information.

Will custom contexts work under FreePBX 2.9?