Blind Xfer question

I can’t seem to blind xfer a call that I’ve originated from any extension… doesn’t matter whether the destination of the call is internal or external.

I hit ## and the other end hears it and that’s all…

Now, if I’m receiving the call - again, regardless of source - ## works as expected.

Please be gentle, I’m still a lowly newb… :shock:

I can do an attended txfr (I think I have that term right) - but not a blind, i.e. to park the call.

Any idears? Help appreciated!

  • 1.4 and FreePBX 2.3.0beta2.7 - livin’ on the edge!

Thanks in advance to all!

I find this area of FreePBX/Asterisk confusing.

I’ve added the following in my ‘Dialing Options’ under General Setup:

Asterisk Dial command options: Ttrw

Asterisk Outbound Dial command options: TW

I’m not sure this is optimum but it does allow transfer from caller and callee…


Those values were missing… the help pop-up was pretty self-explanatory.

Problem solved!

Thanks habile!!

Must be an age thing :wink: – glad you got it sorted.