Blind transfers sometimes ring back to original user

I have had a couple people tell me this, but occasionally, members of a queue will answer a call, then do a blind transfer to another extension. If that user does not pick up, the call returns to the queue. The extensions in question do have voicemail enabled, but it isn’t going to voicemail. The phones in question are Yealink T46G phones, and I believe the transfer is being done with the soft buttons. (As opposed to dialing.)

This doesn’t happen always, so it’s difficult for me to get a decent trace of it happening, but I’m going to try that. Before I go down that road, though, I wanted to check if there was an option or set of options I have wrong. I searched, and found some instances where people want this behavior, but we do not.

Thanks in advance for any help!

I’m not sure which one to check, but I ran into this problem with a 20-second timeout for a couple of different things in the system (specifically, follow-me and voicemail). I had to make sure I set the timeout for the one I really wanted to 19 seconds, and that solved the problem nicely.

Let me know if that helps one way or the other.