Blind transfer to voicemail not working (sometimes)

sangoma s500 with one exp100 attached
have several keys setup to blind transfer calls to voicemail (DTMF ##*XXX)
most of them work fine most of the time
one of them never works
you press it and it just drops the calls
log just shows hangup
strange thing is if i just dial *XXX not using the programmed button seems to work every time
i have tried several variations with and without the ## dosent seem to matter.

What is the “XXX”?

*XXX is the extension
example *220

The specific XXX that isn’t working is the pertinent question. For example, the last 10 people that had this problem were trying to use “##*101”, which was conficting with the “*10” in call feature code.

Is it 220 that always fails, or some other specific number, or does it vary from minute to minute?
What do the logs say on a failure?

the one i can’t get to work from the exp100 is ##*217
then the other extensions are intermitent (216 - 210 - 209 - 204)

I’m not at a console - is there an incall “*2” feature code on your system? (check the feature code list from the GUI).

In-Call Asterisk Attended Transfer is *2

so if i hit customize and change that to something else it should fix my issue?

here is my setup they all work sometimes except the last one you get a second of hold music and it disconnects

Still having this issue
nobody knows?

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