Blind transfer to voicemail for extension that starts with 69

FreePBX with Polycom IP670 Reception phone

Blind transfers directly to voicemail work for all other extensions but newly created extensions 691 and 692. My guess is that the traditional *69 feature code for number callback is causing the problem, even though I manually customized the Call Trace feature code from 69 to 61. Can anyone help?

Guesses are for carnival games. Debug requires a call trace:

While I appreciate your snarky suggestion that I do a call trace, I’m not sure what I’m looking for, or what to do with it. Attempts to post the logs reveal it’s too many characters for me to post.

Are you getting the paste error trying to post the logs to a comment here? Or are you getting the error posting the logs to pastebin?

Please explain the process in which you did this.

I located it in the list of feature codes, clicked "customize " and changed it from *69 to *61

Sorry comtech – not very familiar with this forum. Figured that out though:

I don’t see any blind transfer after 666 answered.

Yep, the trace didn’t show anything useful. The phone simply won’t allow it.

I’ll just change the ring group ##s I guess. Thanks.

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