Blind Transfer to External number failing

On FreePBX distro 6.12.65-27 according to /etc/schmooze/pbx-version.
Asterisk 11.17.1
Using all Polycom IP550 endpoints and the commercial EPM

Scenario: Call comes in from outside. Someone wants to transfer that blindly to a cell phone. They hit the hard transfer key on the phone and then the “blind” softkey and dial the number as they would normally. The caller hears “The number you have dialed is not in service”

If we don’t use the blind transfer it will go through but the CID is incorrect - it’s the CID of the business and not of the caller.

The system is using a Sangoma A101 PRI card. It is not running in digium mode.

Outbound calls are working and inbound calls are working - only thing that isn’t working is blind transfer to external number. Blind transfer to internal extensions works fine.

Not sure where to look for this. Looked in the log and I see this:
[2015-07-13 15:14:29] VERBOSE[2022][C-00005bae] sig_pri.c: – Span 1: Channel 0/23 got hangup request, cause 1
[2015-07-13 15:14:29] VERBOSE[15652][C-00005bae] chan_dahdi.c: – Hungup ‘DAHDI/i1/*******-3e6’
[2015-07-13 15:14:29] VERBOSE[15652][C-00005bae] app_dial.c: == Everyone is busy/congested at this time (1:0/0/1)

Any idea why this might be?

Most PRI providers will reject “foreign” CallerID’s you need to configure that on your trunk by “blocking” such CIDs if necessary.

Not sure what that means… “foreign” meaning any number that we do not own/control?


Correct, usually your PRI carrier will only accept calls from within your “common block”

you can try the number by dial the “number failed” directly from dialplan. If it still failed, it would be same as the guys said above. maybe it is blocked by service providers.

How would I do as you suggest? I’m using freepbx so not sure how to do directly from dialplan.