Blind Transfer Issue

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We just updated to FreePBX 14 and Asterisk 13.17.2 (previously using an old version of Trixbox CE from ~8 years ago?), we’re having an issue where if we transfer a call internally the call doesn’t “end” for the originating party once the transfer button is hit, it just sits on a call screen until the user hangs up.

I’ve searched around and tried to find something relating to this or another user with the same issue but I’ve been unable to do so.

Does anyone have any idea where I should begin to look to correct this behavior?


There have been a couple of discussions about this, and it seems to me some of them were related to the specific phones involved.

If you search back about two months ago you should find a rash of discussions about this. It seems to me the solution for the ones that weren’t related to phone firmware were updates that are in the “edge” track. Maybe @lgaetz Lorne can help me remember.

There are a dozen ways to transfer a call, but if you are using the built in transfer button on a phone, it must be used according to the phone documentation. The PBX has no control over how the phone’s built in transfer works. Most SIP phones use the sequence:

transfer button -> dial digits -> transfer button

That’s precisely what we’re doing, these are a mix of Grandstream phones and a single UniFi phone that are exhibiting the same issues.

Existing Call -> Transfer -> Extension -> Transfer / #

Only does this for transfers to extensions however, if we transfer a call to a queue, it works without issue and properly terminates the call on the originating side.

What confuses me is I’ve compared old pbx vs new, feature codes and everything are all configured the same, on our old pbx system transfers worked as expected where they would terminate once transfer was pressed. On the new system it doesn’t do this.

I know this was discussed, and the Grandstream phones were part of the problem. I don’t remember the solution, but I Know that we have talked about this in the recent past.

We use ## to do Blind Transfers, works great. It’s a FreePBX feature not phone specific.

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