Blind Transfer from outbound route not working


I have 2 extensions - extension 100 is configured for a regular SIP phone and extension 102 dials a PSTN number. I’m using both extensions as part of the Follow Me module, and I’d like to be able to transfer calls between the two extensions.

When I receive a call on extension 100, I can transfer it without any problem to the other extension using ##. On the 102 extension however (the one which dials on the PSTN), the call is not transfer correctly and the caller instead ends up in the IVR menu.

The Asterisk console shows the following
– Executing NoOp(“IAX2/105-3”, “Catch-All DID Match - Found 100 - You probably want a DID for this.”) in new stack
– Executing Goto(“IAX2/105-3”, “ext-did|s|1”) in new stack

It seems that Asterisk handles this call as if it was an incoming call. Is this behavior normal and is it possible to avoid it? Does it have something to do with the transfer context, and if so, how can I work around this behavior?

Thank you.

you are no longer in from-internal when you do the transfer. The transfer is going through but as an external call (or you might otherwise have a security flaw in the system). If you make a DID for extension 100 (or add 100 in the directdid field of that extension if it doesn’t already have one) then your transfer should work.