Blind Transfer from a Queue Fails

Hi All,

we are experiencing problems with blind transferring external calls from a queue.

scenario: an outside call comes straight in to a queue with 2 members of reception. a member of reception answers it and then tries to blind transfer the call to an extension using ##ext.

the call is transferred, but only appears on the target extension for less than a second, then the call hangs up, cutting everyone off…

can anyone suggest why this is happening?

the problem seems to only be when external calls go into a queue. I have tested internal calls, blind xfer to queues and extensions. I have also tested external calls blind xfer not using queues which works.

whenever an external call goes into a queue and is then blind transferred, it fails.

I think I may have resolved my problem.

I removed the sendrpid option from the trunk…

Not sure if this is relevant but I found the queue setting Agent Restrictions" to “Call as Dialled” had effect on the agent being able to blind transfer a call. In my case the agent was unable to transfer certain calls to an outside number if this was not set to “Call as Dialled”.