Blind transfer context handling


Since version 2.3, freepbx sets TRANSFER_CONTEXT global variable to from-internal-xfer context. If I try to change it in globals_custom file, it is redefined by the freepbx.
As I understand, you did this to gracefully ignore blind transfers to invalid extensions, which is a good thing.
But, the thing is, now I can’t inject my own dialplan logic in blind transfers - returning of unanswered/busy/congested state of extension to which call was transfered.
What should be the best way to return this custom functionality? I really don’t like to change dial macro in extensions.conf file and would like to keep all customized settings in extensions_custom.conf…

Any suggestions?

Thanks, ales

I would have to have a better idea of what you are/were doing to make a suggestion or determine if there is a better way that we could address this change. It may be best handled by submitting a bug report and providing those details including your dial plan of what you were doing and how it was broken. Depending on what we see this may be considered a bug in how we implemented it that we need to review or there may be better ways for you to do what you were doing.

Philippe Lindheimer - FreePBX Project Lead
http// - IRC #freepbx

Created a ticket at . I hope it is clear now what I am trying to achieve. Thank you for the effort.