Blind Transfer a call that you originated

Hi, this is probably a common question but I could not find the answer/solution after searching the forums and google.

Here is the problem that I am experiencing in summary:

If I am the receiving party of a call, then I can blind transfer normally. If I originate a call but then want to blind transfer to another extension, I am not able to do so. I would like to be able to blind-transfer the receiving party of a call that I originated to another local extension at my office.

FreePBX 2.5.1

3 extensions (101,102,103)
voicepulse and vitelity trunks for outbound
vitelity for inbound

If I pick up a phone (extension 101 for an example) and dial a 10-digit pstn number (ex: 7068861414) everything works as you would expect.

But let’s say, even though I originated the call, I find after calling the person that I called that they need to speak with someone else at my office. I would imagine that I could do a blind transfer (##) and then dial another extension (ex: 102, or 103).

Unfortunately either by design or configuration I am not able to do the blind transfer when I originate the call. The result of pressing ##102 is hearing the DTMF tones of the digits being pressed on both ends of the call. It is like Asterisk isn’t listening out for the ## to be able to redirect me to the blind transfer.

If someone calls my extension (from either PSTN or one of my other local extensions), I am able to transfer the call without any problem.

Thanks for your help!

Look in the general settings, outbound dial options.

Don’t forget the tool tips if you hover your mouse over the text.

OK, I added a “T” to the “Asterisk Outbound Dial command options.” It worked perfectly. Thanks so much.