BLFs not updating properly

I am surprised I haven’t seen this in these forums…

I have 14 handsets (Yealink T46G) that each have 8 of their DSS keys set as BLFs for various extensions, mainly so they can see who is available etc.

What is happening though is the status update from Asterisk is being queued. I have lots of
Extension Changed 223[ext-local] new state Idle for Notify User 224(queued)
in my logs.

What I have found is that they stay like this for ages and the BLF on the handset stays flashing or red. Very frustrating. A reboot usually solves it, or wait a very long time and they eventually clear.

I found a forum entry that says something about maximum BLF updates from Asterisk is around 100, but nothing about whether this can be increased via setting or will be addressed in a future version.

What I did find via my google-fu is that if you login to a different console session on asterisk (asterisk -R), boom it clears the queues and all status updates work. Not perfectly as I see some are still being queued, but wow a hole lot better.

So I now have a SSH console open to the site with asterisk logs scrolling away all day. Not ideal.

Anybody come across this and how did you get over this ‘feature’.

Have You update the T46 to the latest firmware?

Hi Eduardo

Yes, I have them auto provisioned via the tftp service.

My first thought as well.


I’ve had this happen on my Grandstream GXP2160’s before, I’ve also had issues where MWI (Message Waiting Indicator) wouldn’t work for some exensions but work for others and everyone is using the same phone, firmware and configurations.


You said ‘had’ was there anything you did to solve it?

only way i know to fix it is reboot the pbx and all the phones.

I’m frustrated that endpoint manager keeps us on the 72 version of firmware when 73 has been available for a while, I assume it’s just compatibility qualification testing with rest apps and the like, but the T46G phones I receive have a 72.46 revision installed and as soon as I provision them, they go and install the 72.45 that is the latest available via endpoint manager, again very frustrating!