BLF with Panasonic phones and FreePBX

Hi everyone,

I just started testing a new Panasonic KX-HDV230 with FreePBX. For some reason, when the Flexible Keys are programmed to act as a BLF, they do not show any activity on the monitored extension. The buttons work to place a call to the extension, but they won’t show if the extension is in use or ringing. I know that this feature works, because it works fine with both my Aastra phones and my Polycom phones. It just doesn’t work with this new Panasonic phone.

The Administration Guide for the Panasonic phones indicates that it might be necessary to set a Resource List URI in the Panasonic configuration. My Polycom phone has a similar field, but it never needed to be set in order to work. I’ve tried setting the Resource List URI to “sip:(extensionnumber)@(PBXIP)” and that did not solve the problem.

Has anyone encountered this issue and found a solution for this problem?

Hi! I’ve just fixed it.I tried with 130, 230 and 136 phones. You need to fill: Presence Server Address field, put asterisk address there.


What format do you use for the asterisk server address?? Do you just use the IP address alone, or [email protected], or something else?

Yes, just ip.

Thanks. That seems to have done it.