BLF Trunk status

I am trying to get BLF trunk status of an analog PSTN line to show up on a Mitel 5212 and am at a lost with how to do this, I’ve got the BLF to work with extentions and to monitor mail of an extention. If anyone has and insight on this problem it would be a great help

This is not a key system, it’s a PBX. You could have a light indicate the trunk is in use but that would not serve any real purpose. You would have to add it as a custom config. You can’t do it in the GUI. See Asterisk documentation on hinting DAHDI channels.

You also can’t put lines on hold or pickup in use lines. If you need those features you need an old fashioned key phone system, not an IP PBX.

What serve or not serve, is a user business, IMHO. Don’t say “ridicolous” to questions coming from specific needs!

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What;s ridiculous is this comment on a 1 year old thread.

The questions was asked and answered the user never came back and defined their requirement.

It all boils down to a lack of understanding that a PBX is not a key system and doesn’t access lines directly hence the status of a port is of no interest to a user. The structure that replaces the concept is parking lots.

Our mission is to educate users how to use their PBX and get the most out of it.

It is not to validate improper assumptions.

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One year later someone can have same requirements and find a post… This is the nature of a forum: find answers years later.

SLA and SCA were invented for something!

You’ll find the same question repeated a lot of times over the Internet… So you can educate whoever you want, but that request is still valid and asked, teacher.

No longer valid, that link you posted was from 2006, just accept it, a PBX and a KSU are just different entities, always have been, always will be. Please notice the PBX thing in FreePBX